19-02-2017, 10:22

Ivanovka Bagları.1954

As the popular saying goes: “The older the vine, the better the wine.”The vineyard of the collective farm named after Nikitin is celebrating its anniversary in 2014 - 60 years. That is why the decision was made to launch the wine - İvanovka Bağları.1954 (Ivanovka Vineyards 1954), where the manufacturing viticulturists of Ivanovka and winemakers of Baku winery "Absheron-Sharab" OJSC have tried to invest a maximum of effort and their love for the native land, vine and fertile land of Azerbaijan.«Madrasa», «Ag Sufra», «Kamshirin» and «Kagor» - all these wines have always been the pride of Azerbaijani winemakers and represented Azerbaijan at international exhibitions with dignity.

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